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Bill Parcells retires

Hat Tip: Blogging the Boys.

Per the Star Telegram (registration required or something):

"I am retiring from coaching football. I want to thank Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones for their tremendous support over the last four years," Bill Parcells said in a statement.

"Also, the players, my coaching staff and others in the support group who have done so much to help. Dallas is a great city and the Cowboys are an integral part of it. I am hopeful that they are able to go forward from here..."

I've stayed away from most Dallas Cowboys news as I feel more comfortable leaving that to our Cowboys blogger over at BTB. But we play the Cowboys twice a year, they are our biggest rival, and they've just lost their future HoF coach. That's big news.

My initial reaction is who is going to coach them Cowboys? Some of the best candidates have already interviewed and found new homes, meaning Parcells' timing is bad for the Cowboys. I'll keep you posted on who they interview, though you should visit BTB for the updates as he will have more info and analysis on the candidates and how they fit with the Cowboys.

The Washington Redskins were 3-5 against Bill Parcells' Dallas Cowboys. I hope for a better record against his replacement.