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Giants finish off the Redskins 34-28

The Redskins are in dire need of tackling fuel, as they completely lacked any sign of it in this disappointing end to a disappointing season.

Records were broken, though not the ones we would like. Tiki Barber's 234 yards was a New York Giants' franchise record. Once again the 'Skins laid an egg on turnovers, finishing the year with just 12 takeaways. A record. Time to get positive -- We congratulate Rock Cartwright on setting the Washington Redskins' single season Kick Return record with 1541 yards.

Ladell Betts had a respectable game with 20 rushes for 92 yards, though was largely overshadowed by Tiki Barber's heroic game (3 touchdowns). Best of luck to Barber now that he is retiring, but I can't say I'm displeased to see him gone from the NYG backfield.

The good news is that Jason Campbell returned to the game after terrifying us with an injury on the field. Brunell came in (and was welcomed with boos) but did not pass the ball. Despite the injury, Jason Campbell impressed going 21 of 31 for 220 yards, 2 touchdowns, and one pick. He also rushed for 30 yards.

We all know who to blame for this loss though, and it wasn't the offense. The Redskins outgained the Giants 393 yards to 355. Santana Moss had 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. JC played a great game in spite of injury, though wasn't as good at QB as Antwaan Randle-El who went 1/1 with a touchdown.

Who did well on defense? Rocky McIntosh played ok. Warrick Holdman did not. Andre Carter was quiet most of the game but recorded the only Redskins sack. Adam Archuleta actually played defense this game, which hopefully means the coaching staff is willing to act like adults and play him. We'd be much better off getting production out of Adam Archuleta in 2007 then cutting him, at this point anyways.

In the Regular Season this Redskins team was the 2nd worst defensive team in the nation, better only than the Tennessee Titans (who beat us, incidentally). We could not take the ball from opposing offenses, we were exposed by deep passing plays, and, if the Giants game is used as an example, could not stop the run. This -- once proud -- defensive unit is a shadow of its former self. Clearly it needs to improve.

Now we move on. The Redskins are officially done in 2006 (by the way, Happy New Year everybody). Looking forward, I hope to do a better job blogging the Redskins and keeping you up to date on our inevitable monstrous Offseason. We are the best team in the NFL... until the season starts.

All I want in 2007 is for this team to find out what went wrong and fix it ASAP. For now let us join the rest of the non-postseason league in cursing those devils clever enough to make it to the playoffs.

Cheers, Happy New Year, and HTTR.

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