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Of Derrick Dockery and False Starts

Jack Kogod has his most recent Should I Stay Or Should I Go: Derrick Dockery piece where he concludes (as do I) that Double D needs to remain a Washington Redskin.

I'll leave him with the final word on that, as we both agree on the point. Go check out his post for the who, what, and why we should retain Dockery.

But I do want to comment briefly on one part of his post:

Importance to Team: With all due respect to Elvis Costello, nobody commits the false start quite like our own Double D.
I only mention this because I remembered doing a penalty blame game post at the beginning of November, and Dockery wasn't the main culprit; Jon Jansen was. As the season is complete, let's find out who to blame:

False Starts:
Derrick Dockery 6
Jon Jansen 4
Chris Cooley 3
Chris Samuels 3
Santana Moss 3
Brandon Lloyd 1
Randy Thomas 1
Mike Pucillo 1
Casey Rabach 1
Mike Sellers 1
Todd Yoder 1
Antwaan Randle-El 1

Winner: Derrick Dockery. Honestly I wanted to finish this post by challenging some conventional wisdom about Dockery. Unfortunately I've simply confirmed it. Apropos to Kogod's intuition on the matter and Dockery really needs to work on keeping his wits at the line of scrimmage.

What I will say from above is that penalties are at least a partial measure of an offensive lineman's worth as a costly false start can effectively end a drive depending on situation and circumstance. And while we're thrilled that Chris Samuels is headed to Hawaii, I stand by my suggestion that Randy Thomas earned a spot as well. The above numbers ever-so-slightly vindicate that position.