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Skin Patrol Vacation?

Yes reader(s), I'm taking a much needed Vegas Vacation with my lovely girlfriend. We depart next Thursday and, as much as I love this website, I think I'll spend most of my time gambling, drunk.

So, while I'll be around aplenty for the next 9 someodd days (perhaps not today), I will be absent for a slightly extended period at the end of this month. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to get some lurkers/readers involved in the site and I will be taking guest post submissions effective immediately. Feel free to email me those posts at (along with any other suggestions/advice/criticisms/recipes, etc.) and I will arrange for them to get posted on the front page of this glorious piece of a site we call Hogs Haven. I will also arrange for a guest blogger to keep a general eye on the site and provide some content, or perhaps a group of persons (you know who you are!) to caretake while I am in absentia.

There are no guidelines for your submitted posts so long as they are remotely or even tangentially Redskins related. I will not edit the content whatsoever, though I may make minor grammatical changes -- because I'm a dousche about that kind of thing.

Anyways, that's or, if you're really-super-lazy: just click here.

Pardon the interruption.