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First accountability casualty: LB Coach Dale Lindsey is gone

Per the official site, LB coach Dale Lindsey will not be coaching for the Redskins in 2007:

The Redskins announced on Tuesday that linebackers coach Dale Lindsey has been released by the organization.

"We appreciate the work and effort Dale has given the organization over the past three seasons, but we have decided to move in a different direction with our linebackers," said head coach Joe Gibbs.

There's no polite way to say "You're being canned because someone needs to be blamed. I wish Dale Lindsey all the beste as he coached us well up until 2006. Maybe he just forgot how. Who knows.

Although it might appear as if I'm making a stink about Lindsey as a scapegoat, I will say that it is good to see this organization do something (anything!) in response to our horrid year. Accountability starts with the coaches and, while Coach Lindsey cannot possibly be the reason we fell so precipitiously, at least the remaining coaches know that when this team fails people might lose their job.