Defensive Fix!

Lets state some facts,when shawn springs was in the lineup we were a different team,but his injuries have really hurt us being there is only 16 games in the reg. season,and lets face it he isnt getting any younger! Pierson Prieleau will be back next year and I think we should rely on him being there in the SS position. Furthermore, I think we should keep Archuleta for backup at SS and run schemes. This way he will earn some(but not much) of his salary. Top priority in the draft should be given DE or CB whichever comes first,or whatever kind of deal we can work out to get both, like trading down. Im not going to complain if we can get both(from trading down) whoever they are and in either order,either way with springs aging and injuries and nobody except golston under 30 on the D-line. Another option is we dump Archuletta put Springs at the SS(which I think would make us A+ at the two safety positions) which in turn would help Rogers and our newly drafted CB! Lets face it, we need a SS who can play both the run and the pass(not suck at one of them) at this day in age, especially with his contract! Even if we cant trade down for two top picks then we should take whoever we get and is best available with our first two picks for DE and CB(not trade them away). Many times the very best picks aren't worth it and, you could find equal or close to talent later in the draft! Everybody else does it! Why cant we? Anyways LB is not much of a concern I know we are a little undersized but we drafted Mcintosh last year and he should be relyed on a that position if we need help there.  Any thoughts?