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Good Morning Brevity

I'm off work today and still debating whether or not I will spend excessive time blogging or relaxing. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. day, in either event.

My predictions were just .500 as New England knocked off the Chargers and Chicago beat Seattle, though Philly and Baltimore both lost. Three out of the four remaining Playoff teams are represented on SportsBlog Nation, and I encourage reader(s) to check out Stampede Blue for the Colts, Pats Pulpit for the Patriots, and Windy City Gridiron for Da Bears.

Official word and additional info on our 16 newest Redskins signees.

You may have noticed a recent drop in the amount of Washington Redskins Cheerleader Pictures on this website, but auditions are coming up and they will certainly provide some excellent photo ops. Keep your eyes posted here for those.

Jack Kogod Michael David Smith makes the case for Russ Grimm and you should all familiarize yourselves with that argument. I firmly believe that one of the multitude of factors (one of which being the fact that he was so awesome, duh) that eventually got Art Monk a yes vote from Peter King was the unending emails from Redskins fans and reasonable Football minds demanding he relent. And he did.

Please go fill in the blanks for me.

I'll keep an eye on any Redskins happenings throughout the day although, given the weather, I might just stay in bed. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday, if you have it off. If not, feel free to waste your employer's moneys by spending all your work time on this website.