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Multitude of signings -- 16 new players

Hat Tip: Extreme Skins.

Per the Associated Press:

The Washington Redskins signed 16 players Friday, all prospects who will essentially get offseason tryouts to earn a spot at training camp.

Some names you already know from that 16:

Kili Lefotu (a 7th round pick, offensive line)
Steven Harris (receiver from our practice squad)

Some names that rule:

Vaka Manapuna -- Lord of the Puna (DT)
Anthony Trucks -- really? Linebacker, by the way.

And the rest:

Ryan Hoag WR
Lorenzo Alexander DT
Calvin Armstrong OL
Jamaal Green DE
Casey Bramlet QB
Cedric Bonner WR
Jared Clauss DT
Jerrell Pippins DB
Chio Cox DB
Eric Edwards TE
William Whitticker OL
Chris Wilson DE

If you know anything additionally about the above players, please post it in the comments section below.