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FedEx ships from anywhere in the world besides Landover, Maryland

I don't know what to believe. First Marc Fisher at the Post reports that Dan Snyder might return to the RFK site:

[A]lthough no public announcement has been made, Redskins owner Dan Snyder has quietly been meeting with top city officials about building a football stadium in the District, most likely at the RFK Stadium site. Three top D.C. officials say that Snyder had meetings about his stadium project with outgoing D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission Chairman Mark Tuohey and Williams, in the final days of his administration.

The vindictive Times bitch-slaps that idea, pointing out our legal, contractual obligation to stay at FedEx through 2027:
Team general counsel Dave Donovan said the Redskins are legally bound to FedEx Field until 2027 because of agreement between the team, the state of Maryland and Prince George's County, and said the team has expressed no interest in leaving the Landover facility at least until then.
While reading the following, consider Donovan as a Death Row inmate justifying his posh environs in prison:
"We don't want to leave," Donovan said. "We're really happy and don't have any other options because we're bound to the lease. It was written in a way to make sure that we play football there for 30 years."
"We're really happy" is most convincing when unqualified by a total absence of competing alternatives.

Anyways, regardless of how you may like FedEx (and many don't) we're stuck there for the next 2 decades. I say learn to love it, a task made much easier by future fond memories of winning more home games. 3-5 just isn't going to do the trick.