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We've lost Todd Wade

Backup Offensive Tackle Todd Wade, who played very admirably in Jon Jansen's stead against the New Orleans Saints in week 15, per The Hogs:

Washington Redskins veteran offensive tackle Todd Wade said Friday that he will explore the free agent market in search of a starting role. His return appears very unlikely, as building depth on the offensive line remains a priority for the Redskins...

"I'm going into free agency because I won't be given a chance to start in Washington," Wade stated, adding, "I've started close to 100 games throughout my career and deserve a shot at being a starter."

This is a huge blow to an aging offensive line already severely lacking in depth. We were fortunate in 2006 having played the vast majority of the season with our entire offensive line intact: Chris Samuels, Randy Thomas, Casey Rabach, Derrick Dockery, and Jon Jansen were all relatively healthy throughout. Presuming that the same will occur in 2007 is foolish, as nearly every team in the league suffered more injuries than us on the offensive line.

I wish Todd Wade the best in the future as he probably was too good to be playing backup offensive line. In reserve at Offensive Tackle we still (potentially) have Mike Pucillo, Sam Wilder, Taylor Whitley, Calvin Armstrong, and Jim Molinaro.