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If your friends jumped off a bridge while making playoff predictions...

I've been peer pressured since, like, everyone is doing it. Here are my brief playoff predictions, feel free to post your own below in the comments section:

Indy @ Baltimore -- Baltimore wins with defense. The Chiefs game was an anomaly and the Colts are still soft against the run. Lightning will not strike twice for the Colts.

Philly @ New Orleans -- As much as I hate them, and based solely on the challenge both teams posed to the Redskins, I have to pick the Iggles. Also, Jeff Garcia is engaged to 2004 Playmate of the Year Carmella Decesare.

Seattle @ Chicago -- Chicago rolls as Good Rex shows up. I'm picking defense throughout these playoffs. Seattle would be at home licking wounds if Tony Romo hadn't "pulled a Romo".

New England @ San Diego -- The Patriots are, simply put, built to win postseason games. San Diego is the best team in the league, but I won't bet against Tom Brady in the playoffs.

AFC Championship -- New England over Baltimore.

NFC Championship -- Who cares? AFC owns this Superbowl. I'll take... Philadelphia, just so we can enjoy a Garcia-McNabb QB controversy.

Superbowl -- I hate the Patriots.