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Art Monk you magnificent bastard!

No surprises here: Art Monk is a finalist (again, like he does every year) for the Class of 2007 Hall of Fame. Despite the overwhelming evidence that he should be in the Hall of Fame already, Humankind has had to wait far too many years to see Art Monk in Canton.

Peter King Burning Ass, the last remaining hurdle to Monk's inevitable HoF run has jumped on board and promised to vote for Art Monk. If he gets screwed over this year, I say we boycott (or at least organize a bake sale and/or strongly worded letter).

Joining Monk is Russ Grimm, one of the ORIGINAL HOGS, making this website one of his many namesakes. To the rest of the NFL: Your stupid offensive line was never ordained with a kick ass sobriquet (sobriquets can be kick ass, alright???).

We'll also take Andre Reed because he played for the Redskins. I think.

Art Monk + 2007 = Hall of Fame.