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NFC East Coaching Shuffle

Cowboys -- Hat Tip: Blogging the Boys. Per ESPN, Cowboys Defensive Coordinator Mike Zimmer will join former Louisville Coach Bobby Petrino in Atlanta.

Zimmer, 50, has worked with the Cowboys for 13 seasons and took over as defensive coordinator in 2000. He has agreed to a two-year contract, according to the Dallas paper. His contract with the Cowboys was expected to expire this offseason, and his future in Dallas was uncertain with coach Bill Parcells' status unknown.
What this means for the 'Skins is not entirely clear. The peanut gallery at BTB is pleased, given that Zimmer is not a traditional 3-4 Coach. Still, Zimmer had no trouble silencing the Redskins when he held us to three points, offensively earlier in the season. Happy trails, Mike. We do not play the Falcons in 2007.

Also, though it was rumored that Parcells might return to New York as a GM, the Giants put the quietus on that.

Giants -- Though I'd accepted it as a given, ESPN is now reporting that Tom Coughlin will stick around:

Coughlin will enter the final year of his contract in 2007 at a salary of $3 million, but speculation is that Giants ownership will extend his deal by at least one year to keep the veteran coach from being a lame duck. A source close to Coughlin told on Tuesday that he is "cautiously optimistic" the coach will be retained and that his contract will be extended.
We'll keep a close eye on this, though I think the window of success for the Giants, regardless of their coaching decision, is quickly shutting. Eli Manning is not a reliable starter. The best player on the team (TIKI!) is retiring. I'm far more concerned with the Eagles in 2007.

Eagles -- Still currently in the playoffs, unlike the rest of us, the Eagles probably won't make any drastic changes for a good bit. But complements of my SBN colleague Bleed Green at Bleeding Green Nation, I stumbled across this, uh er..., "coaching" related story. These fans really want Eagles' tickets:

We are a very attractive younger couple, both in grad school and looking to go to the game on sunday but really can't afford it. We've talked about it and figured we'd see if anyone had 2 tickets that would want to offer them up for watching us do what you choose in real life.
They are not talking about Chess.