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Tuesday Morning News Roll

-- The Washington Times reports on our strange backup QB system. Apparently we have two number 2 QBs on the squad. Should Brunell go down in the middle of the game, Todd Collins will clean up. But Jason Campbell will get the start the following week.

It's good to see the team has faith in Campbell as a backup, but I am not thrilled about this scenario. I would prefer a set backup QB rather than an imminent brewing controversy. What happens if Collins plays well as a backup, will Campbell really get the chance he deserves if he falters slightly the following week? Can a young Jason Campbell survive the pressure of a dueling QB situation?

The article also has a blurb about Ports (Gibbs won't play him against Minnesota unless he's 100%) and points out that we've gone for youth over experience on defense. Cedric Killings and Nic Clemons were both cut, yet we kept 5th and 6th round picks Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston. Injuries have plagued our defensive line, which means the coaches must have incredible faith in the two rookies. Let's hope that faith is well deserved.

-- The current roster and practice squad is up over at The big surprise for me is that we are only keeping two tight ends, but I suspect the coaches feel comfortable putting FBs Mike Sellers or Nehemiah Broughton (who I felt had played himself out of a position on this team) in as reserves.

The current practice squad roster is:

WR Mike Espy
WR Steven Harris
OT Chris Pino
DL Vaka Manupuna
DL Joe Sykes
DB John Eubanks
LB Robert McCune
FB Manuel White, Jr.

Mike Espy and Steven Harris both had solid preseasons to earn their spots. Chris Pino beat out Kili Lefotu, who I thought had possibly earned a spot on the squad. I don't know much about Vaka Manupuna or Joe Sykes, but will find out more this afternoon. John Eubanks is likely on the squad solely because of the Springs injury, and would only get activated with another injury (we have 10 defensive backs on the roster). McCune probably had a spot on the regular squad but played himself to the PS with his poor special teams coverage, as I predicted here. Manuel White, Jr. was a longshot to make the team after the Duckett trade, though in keeping only two tight ends there's a real possibility he moves up to the regular squad should either Cooley or Fauria go down to injury (and Sellers or Broughton is forced to play TE).

-- Sporting News has their Redskins-Vikings week one preview up. I'll put my own up later this week.

-- My Redskins blogging colleague Lee Gibbons at the Redskin Report offers his The Completely Unbiased, Super Accurate NFC East Preview. As you probably know, he got the top of the NFC East correctly. But bless his heart he bravely puts Philly in second over the 8-8 Giants and the... 6-10 Cowboys? As much as I'd love to see that circumstane play itself out, I just don't see that happening. But I'll give his preview a Hogs Haven stamp of approval for style points although I did take offense to this line:

Terrell Owens is good, heck he might even be the best receiver in the NFL right now, but the Cowboys are no better off now than they were a year ago and in the NFL toughest division that isn't going to cut it.

Santana Moss > Terrell Owens. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.