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5 Questions @ Curly R and Big Cat Country

Because I don't know a whole lot about the Jags, I'm relying on other people to provide quality commentary on their team. The Curly R has his weekly 5 Question session with my SBN colleague Big Cat Country.

Insight into the Jags receiving unit from the 5 questions:

Curly R: The Redskins have been soft on pass defense, and won't have Shawn Springs back this week either. Leftwich is sharing the wealth in the passing game. What's your take on that matchup? Do you think the Jaguars' receiving corps is performing like last year's?

Big Cat Country: I think the Jags have a much better WR Corps than last year because the Jimmy Smith (as much as I love him) crutch is gone. Byron has to spread the ball around because we have three guys in Matt Jones, Ernest Wilford and Reggie Williams who can emerge as our number one WR. Right now Jones has the edge, but Reggie is showing that he's not a flop for an 11th overall pick. I think our WR's have a height and speed advantage over the Skin's DB's, but they are a young group that can be tricked and drawn into bad situations.

And I think that's a fair bit optimistic, as Jimmy Smith was kind of a great Wide Receiver.

Anyways, check out the entire interview here. I will also update this post as soon as Big Cat Country has Ben's responses up. Good Morning.