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Madden Curse Still Goin' Strong

As our friends at Field Gulls are moping about, the Madden Curse has struck again.

Seattle Seahawks Coach Mike Holmgren decided to play reigning NFL MVP runningback Shaun Alexander deep into the fourth quarter in a blowout against the New York Giants, and now his team has paid the ultimate price.  Alexander shattered his foot, and preliminary estimates have him out at least a month.  That, and he'll be gimpy for the rest of his life.  For more on this, I'd direct you to Wikipedia for a complete recap of the history of the curse.

I would also like to offer the following open letter to the NFL record-holder for most consecutive passes completed in a single game:

Dear Mark Brunell,

When EA Sports calls you up days after you set an NFL-record 4 touchdown passes this Superbowl, resist all temptations to cash in on this extremely lucrative opportunity.  That is all.

Burgundy and Gold