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Shamelessly Stolen New Feature: Power Rankings Roundup

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I was browsing my colleague The Sports Guru's Mile High Report when I noticed a Power Rankings roundup he did every week that was so good I decided to steal it. It's shameless, it's embarrassing, I should've thought of it first, but I don't care I'm going to copy it anyways. Go visit his site and tell him how pathetic I am for stealing his gig.

We're 0-2 right now and looking very different from the high expectations we all carried coming into the league. With that in mind, here is where the media is ranking us:

Fox Sports has us at 25th!

We get it: Al Saunders has a playbook with 700 plays in it. That's great. No, really it is. So, when do the `Skins plan on actually implementing any of it? After four lackluster preseason games and two pedestrian regular season ones, the Redskins' offense has looked less appetizing than a plate of spinach. The un-good kind.

I still think we're better than the 49ers (22nd) but overall I can't attack this ranking. Until the Redskins show up and play, we deserve a poor placement.

Pete Prisco at CBS Sportsline has us at 23rd.

Let's keep with the theme here: A team with no offense. What's even worse is this is a team that spent big bucks to find one.

Better than the 49ers but worse than the Bucs? Don't think so. Again, though, I really cannot defend our anemic offense.

ESPN has us at 24.

Maybe he'll prove us wrong, but Mark Brunell looks like he's starting to run out of gas.

My sentiments exactly.

Football Outsiders rate us better than all the rest at Fox Sports: 17th.

What on earth is going on with Chris Cooley? He's only gained 20 yards this year, but don't get the impression that Al Saunders isn't using him -- Mark Brunell has thrown the ball to Cooley 13 times and he's only caught three of them. Is Cooley running the wrong routes, or is Brunell throwing it at the wrong time? And why does Madden 07 insist on listing him at fullback when the H-back position in the Washington playbook is filled by a tight end?

Cooley has definitely hurt us with some dropped passes, but I'll place the lion's share of blame on Mark Brunell.

I still think we're a top 20 team, though I'd have to do my own power rankings to definitively claim that. 25th, 24th, 23rd, and 17th. We need to improve, and fast. A win vs. Houston certainly won't hurt our ranking, but don't expect anything other than a one sided shellacking to move us up the board either.

What other credible power rankings should I include in this potentially weekly feature? I've got CBS, two Fox Sports News, and ESPN rankings. Readers' thoughts?