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Just because the Redskins won't show up for work doesn't mean the Media won't

Quick news hits:

Lavar Arrington continues to endear himself to Redskins fans by taking a cheap shot at Joe Gibbs.

Q. Which coach wouldn't you like to play for?

Uhm. Steve Spurrier? John McKay? Harvey Johnson? Perhaps at least one of the other 31 current NFL head coaches who has as of yet been bronzed in Canton?
Arrington: Joe Gibbs.

Feeling is mutual. Go to hell.

Speaking of Joe Gibbs, he's 0-8 against the AFC in his second stint in Washington. But he's never coached against the Texans!

Thomas Boswell at the Post gets points for putting Joe Gibbs and Snakes on a Plane in the same paragraph. But he also provides more fire for my contention (yes I just shamelessly linked to my own story, what of it? Let's fight.) that perhaps it's time we give someone else a chance at QB.

Despite [putting up 197 yards in Dallas against a prevent defense], in 28 starts as a Redskin, Brunell has been held to less than 100 yards passing six times -- a 21.4 percent rate. When he's shut down, he's stopped utterly. In his Jacksonville prime, from 1996 through '02, Brunell started 104 games and was held under 100 yards only five times.

I always read the Why to Watch feature at sporting news, if only because it's such an asinine title. If I didn't have a reason to watch, there's never anything in the body of the story to suggest otherwise. In other words, "Why to Watch" is at best comic relief, and this week's analysis of the Redskins @ Texans does not dissapoint.

Two teams with high hopes find themselves at 0-2 and fighting to keep their seasons alive.

If Houston, who has already lost as many games this year as they won in 2005, has "high hopes" then it isn't exactly clear what teams don't have "high hopes".

Shawn Springs was injured in practice today. The good news? The injury was unrelated to his groin surgery.

The bad news? See above! Another injury?

My blogging colleague Ben at The Curly R exhaustively covers the historic parallels between the 2006 Redskins and the '92 and '93 teams. I have to admit that when it comes to Redskins historical analyses, I'm hopelessly outclassed. Great piece with a lot of trivia-worthy knowledge scattered throughout. Ex: Jim Kelly had more rushing yards than Thurmon Thomas in Superbowl 26? News to me!

Readers, did I miss anything?