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Portis out for Dallas game

Or at least, that's what Gibbs says (

Joe Gibbs ruled Clinton Portis out for the game against the Dallas Cowboys, an announcement that surprised Portis and created yet another bizarre twist in the running back's injury saga.

"He didn't practice today. ... If a guy doesn't practice, he's not going to play," Gibbs said.

Gibbs said Ladell Betts, T.J. Duckett and Rock Cartwright will be the running backs against the Cowboys. Portis was downgraded from questionable to doubtful on the injury report, with Gibbs citing soreness from the pounding Portis took from playing in the season opener against Minnesota on Monday night.

However, Portis seemed to have a different opinion:

"I didn't know the decision had been made," Portis said. "I thought it was a game-time decision. As of now, my bag's packed and ready to go to Dallas, unless they come and tap me on the shoulder in the near future and tell me I ain't going."...

...."I can't do nothing but tell you to wait until Sunday. This bag is going to Dallas," said Portis, pointing at the equipment bag in front of his locker. "We have seen some miracle days happen. This ain't no situation for me not to be playing in."

This could just be gamesmanship, but it sounds to me like Clinton's gonna ride the bench on Sunday....unless we're down by 3 in the fourth quarter and Gibbs wants his fresh legs.

FYI: Questionable on the NFL injury report means a 50-50 chance of playing; Doubtful is a 25% chance.