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Cowboys & Redskins Five Questions

The Curly R had it's weekly Five Questions feature, this time with rival SBN Blogger Grizz at Blogging The Boys. Here's my favorite:

Curly R: September 19, 2005, week 2, Monday Night Football. Brunell to Santana, twice in under 4 minutes. After so many years of tragic beatdown by the Cowboys, Redskins fans feel like that was the reintroduction of the Rivalry. The Cowboys finished 9-7 last season, out of the playoffs, but if they had held on to that lead and won that game, the Cowboys almost certainly would have gotten the Redskins' playoff spot at 10-6, sending the hated rivals home. The home loss to the Rams set off a wave of speculation about Parcells and led to the signing of TO, the guy that might be the Cowboys' savior (this season), or might be a cancer.

In this context, does that defensive breakdown and loss make you bitter, or truly bitter?

Would it change your opinion if you knew all of Washington had gone to bed glum in the third quarter, assured of another Cowboys ass-whipping? And that when we woke anew Tuesday morning to discover the win, that our oatmeal was a little tastier, the traffic a little better and our spouse looking a little younger?

Blogging the Boys: I'm really not sure what the home loss to the Rams has to do with anything and why that supposedly set off a huge wave of speculation. It didn't with anybody I know of or with the Dallas media. It was basically a forgotten footnote in the Cowboys season because we were already out of the playoffs. But for the record, Parcells treated it like any other game by playing all the starters for the whole game, including Drew Bledsoe, even though it was a perfect opportunity to see what Tony Romo had in a real game. The specualtion about Parcells was mainly about his decision on whether he wanted to continue coaching and Jerry Jones' desire not to have him on a one-year lame duck contract. Parcells decided he wanted to continue and Jones signed him to a 2-year extension. I expect some of the same things will occur after this year, Parcells is basically on a year-to-year thing with the Cowboys, and it's entirely based on his decision to keep coaching or retire.

Of course I was bitter after the loss, we spent hours upon hours blaming Aaron Glenn for some shaky coverage, Roy Williams for not providing adquate safety help and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer for putting Aaron Glenn on Moss instead of Terence Newman. But I can tell you that I was equally bitter about some of the games we gave away later in the year because we couldn't find a kicker who could hit a simple FG. Unfortunately, we're already in that same positon this year, even with the signing of Mike Vanderjagt.

Head over to The Curly R for the entire interview.

Grizz had some questions of his own for Ben. Go check them out when you get a chance.

I'll be attending the game this weekend and should have some solid recap and pictures of the Redskins beating the Dallas Cowboys. Over the weekend zknower and Burgundy and Gold are running the shop. Have a great weekend and HTTR.