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SportsBlog Nation NFL Roundtable

Another installment of the NFL Bloggers roundtable is available for your viewing pleasure here over at Stampede Blue.

We were going to do a "Best QB in history" argument where I was going to effectively, brilliantly, and definitively explain why Sammy Baugh was the best Quarterback in NFL history. Instead we settled on a favorite potential broadcasting team.

I took the opportunity to cheap shot Joe Theismann, who I'm really not all that down on anymore. I think Kornheiser will keep him in check. I also haven't gotten around to hating Tony K. just yet because I loved him and Wilbon on Pardon The Interruption.

In any event, go check out the SBN Bloggers' thoughts and let me know who your dream broadcasting team would be. My dream team would be Suzy Kolber, Jim Beam, Scented Candles, and Joe Namath. I challenge any reader to present a more entertaining broadcast crew. I'd cross-sports and throw in Marv Albert, just to hear him say

... whenever Namath said something boneheaded or molested Suzy. He also brings some bite to the broadcast. Brilliant.