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News Recap Vikings @ Redskins

We lost 19-16 at home against the Minnesota Vikings. Here's what's being said about it.

Michael Wilbon over at The Post: He's concerned about the team, the hype, and our inability to beat a non-contender at home.

Losing down in Jacksonville, as the Dallas Cowboys did, or to Indianapolis, as the New York Giants did, is one thing. The Jaguars and Colts were playoff teams a year ago, proven entities with legitimate championship aspirations.

The only good news from this week is that we're still technically 2nd in the NFC East, tied with Dallas and New York. But that really isn't true, since we lost to an NFC opponent and they both lost to AFC teams. And, as Wilbon points out, both of them were postseason teams. And the Giants have Indy behind them, whereas we have them in front of us. We are at the bottom of the NFC East looking up right now, though that can all change with a win next week in Dallas.

Here is the Upon Further Review feature at the official site. You can also find the official site's recap here. Also check out the official site for post game interviews.

The Washington Times mentions the dreaded P word.

But in front of a FedEx Field record crowd of 90,608 and a national television audience, the Redskins showed last night that most of the time, the preseason does matter, even if the scores don't.

I disagree. If the preseason were any indication of how we'd play tonight, the starting offense would've led 4 fewer scoring drives.

John Markon at the Times-Dispatch (must click on link) thinks we would've beat the Vikings in Madden. That's reassuring.

Ben at The Curly R has his game recap up.

Key stat: Vikings were 9-17 on third down. I'm betting the Vikings needed 5 yards or more on 6 of them.

I think it was 7. But talk about key, defenses cannot win unless they get the offense off the field. Miserable 3rd down percentage for our defense. Shawn Springs is missed not only because he's clearly better than anyone else we've got, but also because having him allows us to bring pressure on the opposing QB. We need guys helping out Mike Rumph and, to a lesser extent, Carlos Rogers in coverage.

The Redskin Report has thoughtfully itemized his complaints with individual preformances last night. I was similarly dissapointed in the preformance of two key defensive offseason acquisitions: Adam Archuleta was bad and Andre Carter disappeared.

Post any other relevant links for discussion in the comments section. Your thoughts on the game?