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Recap: Vikings @ Redskins quick hits

A very disapointing game for the Washington Redskins who dropped their home opener 19-16.

What went right -- The preseason speculation about our offense should end despite the fact that we had a mediocre full-game effort. The Redskins capably moved the ball on four out of ten scoring drives. Obviously we could've moved the ball better throughout the game, but the catastrophic predictions have been overcome. This offense is at least capable of attacking the field.

Clinton Portis played and that's good news. He also rushed for 4 yards per carry and found the endzone. At 100% vs. Dallas we will hope for a big game, as he had to share half his carries with a fairly unimpressive Ladell Betts. TJ Duckett did not carry the football.

What went horribly, horribly wrong -- The Vikings won.

Mike Rumph has done nothing to convince me that he is a serviceable backup CB. I do not think we can consistently win games with him starting in our secondary. He gave up two deep plays, including a touchdown, where he straight up was beat. On 3rd and 7 in the first quarter he gives up a 46 yard rececption to Troy Williamson. That is totally unacceptable. On 3rd and 7, Troy Williamson should not get behind Rumph for that many yards. And then Rumph let Robinson get behind him for the 20 yard TD reception in the 3rd quarter.

Derrick Frost was horribly inconsistent, though did improve as the game went on. I hated him in the first half and... didn't hate him (I guess) in the second. Our punting/kicking situation is absolutely unsettled. Our punt coverage unit was also unimpressive.

Winning teams do not settle for 3 field goals in the redzone. We have got to be better than one for four in our opponent's territory.

I'd love to hear our readers' thoughts on what went wrong and how we can improve in week 2. Frankly I'm too shocked/frustrated/intoxicated to really address it all now. Expect a more comprehensive review to follow tommorrow.