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Open Gameday Thread: Minnesota Vikings at Washington Redskins

Game will be televised nationally on ESPN. Kickoff is set for 7:00PM Eastern. Kornheiser/Theismann will be calling the game, so expect much enjoyable Redskins banter.

If, for some reason, you cannot catch the game on ESPN, listen to it for free here.

If you are stuck in a vehicle or unable to reach the internet or TV for this game, you can find all the radio broadcast information here.

Clinton Portis will play in this game per unsubstantiated rumor I heard from Ed Werder on ESPN during lunch. He claimed that Portis will play as a backup to Betts, if anyone can confirm I'd appreciate it. Portis is also listed as the projected starter here on the official Redskins website. If he is playing, that's awesome news for us. It would have been cruel for ye Football Gods to make us wait an additional week to see the awesome football greatness that is CP.

Check out the FedEx field weather forecast here. Currently 68 degrees, a 30 percent chance of rain, and 9 MPH winds. Also the Vikings will lose.

This thread is for real-time chat during the game, if you are so inclined. I should be here posting my thoughts periodically throughout the game and would love to hear your input. Also, make sure to post your official predictions so that you can brag about how awesome you are after the game. Or, alternatively, so that the rest of us can criticize your ludicrous predictions. I'm going 31-7 Redskins over the Vikings.

Also, Gonzo over at The Daily Norseman also has an open thread up and I'm sure he would love to hear your thoughts on why the Redskins are going to destroy the Vikings.

Football is back.