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Recap: Ravens @ Redskins

Mercifully the preseason is over. As Joe Gibbs put it in his postgame interview:

Anonymous voice: Is there a part of you that's relieved that the preseason is over (mumble mumble cut off by Gibbs)...

Joe Gibbs: Yes. Yes. Oh, you know, certainly.

That's exactly how I feel. This preseason has been a nightmarish mix of media chicken littles combined with disastrous injuries. Please be over.

Lots of starters didn't see the football field, including Moss, Randy Johnson, Chris Samuels, and Antwaan Randle-El (as far as I could tell, at least). According to Coach Gibbs, the team had a rough practice and kept people out as a precautionary measure. Brunell had two unspectacular drives and sat out.

Nehemia Broughton played himself off the team by dropping a Touchdown pass. Mike Espy might have played himself onto the team... then again he might not have. There's a good amount of cuts to be made (23?) and Coach was ambiguous in postgame interview whether or not this game made those decisions more difficult. As soon as I have those cuts I will post them.

I think McCune is gone because he's missed too many games. I think Jim Molinaro played fine and established himself as a reliable backup. I think John Hall should've made both field goals, though I think Derrick Frost might get some sleep tonight (finally). I think Rocky McIntosh will split time with Warrick Holdman on Monday, though I also think Holdman is twice the player he was last year. I think I'm so sick of preseason that I could puke and that next Monday could not come sooner.

I think I'd love to hear your impressions from the game.