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OPEN THREAD: Baltimore Ravens at Washington Redskins @8 PM Eastern

Oh thank ye Football Gods, preseason is finally approaching an end.

The Redskins host the Ravens tonight at FedEx Field. You can catch a free broadcast of the game here. The game will be broadcast locally on WUSA-TV 9 (CBS) as well as Comcast Sportsnet.

If you can't make it to a television or are too busy to listen to the game, stop by here for quarterly updates on the game.

And remember the score doesn't matter (unless we win of course, in which case it means we will go undefeated this year and win the Superbowl). Pretend football will be over soon.

Update [2006-8-31 20:44:8 by Skin Patrol]: Nothing catastrophically bad yet (not that I could care). Campbell is in, Espy had a good kickoff return, and here we go for the 2nd quarter.

Update [2006-8-31 22:28:12 by Skin Patrol]: Skins trail 14-3 and John Hall missed a 42 yarder. Frost has been better than usual; hopefully the competition made him step up his play. Todd Collins is in as well, which means I'm even more apathetic towards this pretend football game than I was an hour ago.