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Pretend Football Preview: Ravens @ Redskins 8/31/06

This won't be a normal Pretend Football Preview. If you don't know what I'm looking for from the players yet, check out the last two previews here and here.

I want to see Jason Campbell play well with the 2nd team. I want someone on our backup O-Line step up. I want to see our new running back (or anyone) get the ball more than 2 yards past the line of scrimmage. I want to see our backup secondary not give up big plays. I want to see Derrick Frost punt the ball somewhere useful, and I want our special teams coverage to do something about it if/when he does.

But really if none of that happens, which it basically has not the past 3 games, I'll be fine. I am utterly confident in our coaching staff's ability to have this team ready by September 11th. Nothing that hasn't already happened could possibly lower my spirits. A 41-0 loss in preseason? No problem. Just don't feed me any more mickey mouse media narratives about the impending doom of the Washington Redskins. I'll remain optimistic until they go 0-3... in the regular season.

This entire preseason has been a disaster. I've had to constantly listen to friends and colleagues explain to me why the Redskins are doomed nevermind the fact that, as zknower pointed out preseason records are not an accurate measure of regular season success. Nevermind the injuries to Portis, Springs, or virtually our entire defensive line.

So hit us with your best shot Baltimore. Show me a flea flicker (Cincy) a reverse (NYJ) or just throw the ball to your backup tight end constantly (NE).  I just don't care what the scoreboard says at the end of the game.

The Football season could not come any sooner. Cheers.