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Fantasy Football Season

Has officially begun for yours truly. My first FF league draft begins in the next 2 minutes, and I will be bringing you shamelessly self centered updates on my team periodically through the evening for you to criticize and insult.

I'll probably be a total homer and ruin my team just to stock it too soon with the likes of Cooley, Moss, and friends. Let me know what I get right or wrong.

I love Fantasy Football.

Update [2006-8-29 20:35:48 by Skin Patrol]: I had the 9th pick in the first round and picked up Peyton Manning. A few picks later I snagged Lamont Jordan. I think Peyton was a solid pick though I'm not that keen on Jordan. Portis was not available.

Update [2006-8-29 20:53:35 by Skin Patrol]: First Redskin, I picked up Santana Moss in the third and Chris Chambers in the fourth. In all my years of Fantasy Football I've never deviated from a RB heavy draft. This is new ground for me so I hope it works out.

Update [2006-8-29 21:57:53 by Skin Patrol]: Tatum Bell and Donald Driver close up my RB/WR flexes and they are backed up by Ahman Green and Nate Burleson. I did get another Redskin in Chris Cooley but settled for Jay Feely (boooo Giants) as my kicker. I landed the Seahawks for defense and bla bla bla the rest are all snoozers.

I love the football season but hate fantasy football. It consumes my time. During the regular season, fifty percent of my day is spent thinking about Fantasy Football. It hasn't helped that, as the years go by, I've matriculated into three - sometimes four - Fantasy leagues a year. Half the time I find myself cheering for a player only to realize that the opposing defense is on one of my teams, thus making it the worst kind of lose-lose Faustian bargain. If Chad Johnson from my Fantasy League 1 scores, will I lose in Fantasy League 3 because he's playing against my Pittsburgh defense? Or do I want him to score, so that Big Ben will have to throw the ball to Hines Ward who is in my Fantasy League 5?

One of these days I'm going to quit. Next year maybe...