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Newsroll: David Patten makes me frown.

-- The Washington Times piece on our "puzzling preseason" compares the Patriots' preseason intensity to that of the Redskins. Big shocker here: the Redskins are not viewed favorably in this comparison.

-- The guys at Pro Football Talk have finally come around on Tony Kornheiser. Why? Because mercifully there is now someone in the booth capable and willing to call out Joe Theismann on his flip flopping and frequently confusing analysis. In this week's episode Tony K. wonders why being "short" would be a prerequisite for successful QB-to-WR transition. I'm a bit curious myself.

I love what Joe Theismann did for the Redskins. I love having him in the booth to analyze the quarterback position, which is something he knows a good deal about. I do not love hearing him talk about how T.O. is going to have a long and bright tenure in Dallas one week, only to sing a different tune a week later (admittedly he was overcome by events -- T.O. began his meltdown earlier than even I predicted). Remember that this isn't even the first time Theismann has stuck his neck out for the wrong receiver this preseason.

-- Cuts are the news over at the Baltimore Sun. The story mostly addresses our Frosty punting situation. With the recent cut of David Lonie there isn't anyone challenging current starter Derrick Frost for position, even though he hasn't looked like much of a starter. We'll have a free agent in soon. The story also had this bit of uninformative yet teasingly hopeful snippet from team doctor/sports medicine guy Bubba Tyer:

Will Portis be back for the season opener Sept. 11 against the Minnesota Vikings? "It's two weeks from tonight," Tyer said. "We've got a shot at it."

I'll take a shot.

-- Finally there's a frustrating piece over at the Post headlined Saunders: Critics Are Missing The Point. It's not frustrating because of the premise -- I find myself nodding viciously from top to bottom. It's frustrating because David Patten won't shut up.

"We haven't seen anything that we want to see. There's a level of frustration from that standpoint. Forget the win-loss thing. It's a matter of having some success, and we haven't seen that," Patten said of the first-team offense.

Which he is not a member of. Maybe if he wasn't dropping passes vs. the Jets a couple weeks ago he could criticize the first team offense he won't get to play for come regular season. Can we trade this guy for some O-Line depth already? Needless to say Saunders' outlook is a bit more optimistic given that he has enjoyed unsurpassed success with his offensive scheme in San Diego, St. Louis, and Kansas City over the past 3 decades. But maybe David Patten deserves a shot at calling plays?