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From the official Redskins website, here's the damage:

OL Jon Alston
QB Casey Bramlet
DB Antuan Edwards
TE Robert Johnson
OL Jim Jones
K Tyler Jones
P David Lonie
DL Chris Mineo
TE Calen Powell
DL Karon Riley
LB Kevin Simon
DB Aric Williams

Only Simon and Johnson were really at risk of making the team. The big surprises here are who didn't make the list. The Redskins dropped two tight ends, including Johnson who I thought had a good shot at making the team, and left Buck Ortega. I think he's got a pretty good shot at being a Redskin now, which is impressive.

From my official roster projections, only Kevin Simon got the axe. Hopefully Ortega will stay in the mix and make me look wise.

Readers' thoughts on the cuts? Anyone on this list you felt should've made the team? Who else is on the chopping block?