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First Ever Hogs Haven Poll Results!

The  results of the first ever Hogs Haven poll are in. The scientific and completely reliable results of our 36 person poll have revealed that either the Redskins will beat a team into voluntarily removing themselves from the league or else the Cowboys will take home the runner's up prize in the NFC East. Here's to hoping they don't squeeze into the postseason as a wildcard.

That the Dallas Cowboys beat out the NYG or the Iggles is consistent with the general media prediction for the NFC East, as well as my own forecast. Despite the impending and predictable T.O. metldown currently manifesting itself in Dallas (toldyaso), the Cowgirls have the best defense besides the Redskins in the division and Bill Parcells is about as good a coach not-named-Joe-Gibbs as any team could reasonably expect to have. Drew Bledsoe played last year as if he belonged in Canton (not because he was good but because he looked "statuesqe", get it? Get it??) but can manage a game about as well as anyone. If Julia Jones can stay healthy throughout the season they might give us trouble. Prediction? Redskins sweep but the Cowgirls will score more than 10 points a game. Fair enough?

As I ponder the next completely reliable/scientific official poll, I'd encourage readers to offer suggestions in the form of Diaries or comment directly in this thread. Or, alternatively, if you're tired of waiting for me to ask the burning questions you absolutely must know the answer to, bypass my polling failures and post your own. I promise to vote.