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Welcome the Mile High Report

Welcome the newest member to the SB Nation Football blogs, the Mile High Report who will be blogging our AFC BFF for trading purposes.

I am officially not the youngest blood on the Football network anymore, so that's good news. Also, due to the unintimidating Bronco silhouette logo above, this website retains the toughest, meanest looking logo in all of SBN Football. The hog still destroys all.

I, for one, am looking forward to not having to face the AFC West again this year, seeing as how they tied with the NFC East as the winningest division in the league (36 wins) though I would relish the opportunity to return the, eh, favor for last year's heart breaking 2-point loss to Denver. Oh well, maybe in the postseason.

In any event, go over and tell them thanks for giving Ashley Lelie to the Falcons so that they could give us TJ Duckett. In fact you can even tell them to enjoy the third round draft pick we will likely send them at the end of the year, though let's hope it it works out better than their last one.

Welcome aboard.