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Good news from practice

I was greeted this morning by an excellent Washington Times article with some good news from camp.

  • Saunders' play calling has been characterized as "vanilla" this preseason. Good. We don't want to give away our playbook and winning in preseason is secondary to running plays that help you evaluate needs and strengths. The Kansas City chiefs went 1-3 in 2004 and 0-4 in 2005 during the preseason yet was the best team offensively during the regular season in both years. Furthermore, when the other team scores on an 87 yard kickoff return and a 61 yard reverse, as happened in the Jets game, that's a problem with execution -- not play calling.
  • Rumors abound over a potential trade for Atlanta Falcons RB T.J. Duckett. I think we are plenty deep at running back, though he would be a proven addition to our roster. That would not bode well for Ladell Betts or Rock Cartwright. Ultimately I think this is more speculation than anything and as Portis recovers from the shoulder injury more quickly than expected, I predict these talks will die down.
  • Seven players returned to practice today, most notably WR Brandon Lloyd and CB Ade Jimoh. Lloyd was a gametime decision at the Jets game and Jimoh, a special teams starter, was sorely missed in that same game. Our ST coverage unit was miserable.
  • Clinton Portis was practicing without a sling this morning. From the Post this morning:
Says Redskins running backs coach Earnest Byner regarding Portis:  "Let me tell you something, Clinton is a freak.  He's a freak because he wears a wig, but he's also a freak because he has incredible healing powers.  I think he's going to be there, back in the mix."

In addition to his incredible healing powers, Byner added that Clinton Portis has a strong adamantium skeleton and can shoot sharp knives out of his knuckles. It could be a long season for opposing defenses.