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News Roundup

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Noise regarding the Washington Redskins:

The Washington Post has a piece up regarding Joe Gibbs frustration with the team's preseason play. My favorite part:

"If you think the past buys you something, or expectations buy you something, I think you're headed for a fall," Gibbs said. "Up here, very close football games are going to be played, and certainly you can't play the way we played in the first two games. I think that [high expectations are] something you've got to live with up here. You've got to realize what the NFL's like. . . . You see it played out every year."

This is how a Hall Of Fame Coach sounds. This is precisely the response you would expect and hope for from a coach to very poor play on the field. This is why I am unconcerned.

Here's a great piece from the Richmond Times-Dispatch about Mike Sellers. It briefly touches on his history in the NFL which is hardly glamorous. Last season was huge for him, and he really is one of the big success stories on this team. After an unsuccessful early career in the NFL combined with drug use (and arrest) he made the most of 2005 with 7 touchdown catches on 12 receptions. I'm especially impressed with his humility and perspective from the article (which tries ever so hard to force a me-me-me response). Here is what he has to say about getting more repse with the team as a RB:

"I love to do it," Sellers said of running the ball. "But I know my role. Unless something happens to the running backs, this is not something I'm going to get used to."

I'm a big fan.

An optimistic team report complements of Sporting News. Nothing new here for most fans of the Skins, but it is a welcome contrast to the inevitable Sky-Is-Falling that each preseason mishap produces.

USA Today's Inside Slant has a bit about the injury to Clinton Portis as well as some game/camp notes. Very informative and worth a read if you get a chance.

And last and least, Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King had this to add about the Redskins in his as-often-as-not-unrelated-to-football-yet-misleadingly-titled weekly-feature :

For a team that thinks it's going to win the NFC East, the Redskins sure have a funny way of showing it. The sooner Joe Gibbs goes to Jason Campbell, in this humble scribe's opinion, the better.

Mr. King also explains why he will vote Paul Tagliabue into Canton the first chance he gets despite not voting Art Monk into the Hall of Fame. Needless to say I'm not particularly pleased with Mr. King, but more on that in a later entry. The former Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor also takes the time to bash fat people.

Note: Peter King is not skinny.

I'd also like to point out that perhaps one reason Joe Gibbs is a head coach, and Peter King just talks about how to be one, is because King thinks it wise to bench your 10 win quarterback who threw 23 touchdowns against 10 interceptions last year. Just a thought.

Let me know if I missed anything.