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We can only keep 53 of them?

We're now past half the preseason and are a mere 3 weeks away from the regular season. Here are my picks to make the roster. Let me know what I got right or dreadfully wrong.

Mark Brunell
Jason Campbell
Todd Collins

Running Backs:
Clinton Portis
Ladell Betts
Rock Cartwright
Mike Sellers
Nehemia Broughton

Tight Ends:
Chris Cooley
Christian Fauria
Buck Ortega (let me have it for this one!)

Wide Receivers:
Santana Moss
Brandon Lloyd
Antwaan Randle-El
David Patten
James Thrash

Offensive Linemen:
Jon Jansen
Chris Samuels
Casey Rabach
Randy Thomas
Derrick Dockery
Kili Lefotu
Jim Molinaro
Mike Pucillo
Spencer Folau

Defensive Linemen:
Andre Carter
Cornelius Griffin
Joe Salave'a
Phillip Daniels
Renaldo Wynn
Anthony Montgomery
Demetric Evans
Cedric Killings
Ryan Boschetti

Lemar Marshall
Marcus Washington
Rocky McIntosh(eventually)
Warrick Holdman
Khary Campbell
Jeff Posey
Kevin Simon (call it a hunch)

Defensive Backs:
Sean Taylor
Adam Archuleta
Shawn Springs
Carlos Rogers
Mike Rumph
Pierson Prioleau
Kenny Wright
Ade Jimoh
Reed Doughty

Special Teams:
Derrick Frost
John Hall
Ethan Albright

My Thoughts -- Quarterbacks are set.

Only the 5th spot on the RBs is open to White, Lumsden, and Broughton. Although my final pick can change, I think what we've seen so far in the playoffs tells a compelling story. Though Broughton has struggled in the preseason, he's had far more reps than White and Lumsden... combined. The coaching staff clearly favors him. Lumsden had one rep last game which suggests that the coaching staff has little interest in evaluating him.

Chris Cooley and Fauria will make the squad. I took Ortega over Robert Johnson because a) Ortega has done everything a person could possibly do with preseason playing time, b) I don't have a lot of info on Johnson's injury. His ankle is banged up and unless he gets in the game fast he is on the way to cutsville. Ortega has shined and has legitimately earned his spot on the roster.

We're only keeping 5 receivers this year, as we did in 2005 and 2004. Moss, ARE, and Lloyd are locks. Patten has proven himself a capable receiver in the NFL and is overqualified for the 4th spot (despite a horrible game last night). Thrash is too valuable on special teams to get cut, and this coaching staff prefers veterans. Espy is close, but needed a huge game yesterday to establish himself and failed to preform. Farris had a great last game, but lacks the natural talent to make this football team. I could change my mind on the 5th spot, though I think Patten is a lock (in spite of his preformance lately).

The five starters on O-line are locks, as is (I think) Kili Lefotu and Jim Molinaro. Pucillo and Folau get the nod for their experience and versatility. I feel like I want to add one more player on the O-Line but ran out of spots. If I could free someone up, it would be either Tyson Walter because he's versatile or Ikechuku Ndukwe because of his size and because Joe Bugel apparently has a nickname for him. I'm leaning towards Ike, but neither guy gets in as of now because I can't find room for a 10th lineman. I'd love some feedback on that.

I think the D-linemen are pretty cut and dry. Four starters are locks, as is Renaldo Wynn. I think Boschetti and Killings are definitely going to make the squad as well. Montgomery has an upside, and I don't think we need 10 D-linemen. I have no idea who I would add after those 9... maybe Kedric Golston for potential/because our interior is a bit banged up and not as deep as the end position?

The three current starters, Marshall, Washington, and Holdman are locks. McIntosh and Campbell will also make the team. Posey played well enough and the team brought him in, so I think he's going to make the roster. I chose Simon over McCune because I think McCune played himself out of the position with his horrible special teams coverage yesterday. A shake up is necessary to show the backups that ST matters and that if you aren't reliable than you don't make the team.

I think everyone is a lock on DB except for Doughty and Rumph. Kenny Wright earned his spot last night. I am hopeful for Rumph, though I think he could still lose that spot. Ade Jimoh hasn't had any PT because of injury, but he's a special teams starter and was clearly missed on the field last night. Antuan Edwards could easily steal the last safety spot from Doughty. I think Curry Burns is done for.

Special teams are all locks, although I think Frost is punting terribly and his kickoffs leave much to be desired.

Let me know what you think.