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NFL Bloggers' Roundtable

The SBNation NFL bloggers will be doing a weekly (or semi-weekly? I really don't know) feature where we all offer our own somewhat solicited advice regarding a bevy of football related topics. This week the topic was the length of the NFL preseason. My esteemed colleague Sean Yuille over at the SBN Detroit Lions blog has organized our various comments.

The preseason is a sensitive subject amongst Redskins fans because of the the shoulder injury to Clinton Portis suffered in our preseason opener which may ultimately keep him sidelined for regular season games. Hopefully he'll be good to go for Minnesota.

I'm not committed either way to the preseason (yet). I go back and forth typically depending on how many beers I've had, or whether or not I'm thinking of playing Dallas without CP in Week 2.

However I do think the rhetoric is typically overblown. Recognizing that four preseason games is too many does not necessitate a death sentence on the preseason all together. If four is too many we should try three. Demanding the immediate and absolute destruction of the preseason is neither constructive nor practical.

That said I encourage any and all overblown hubris in the comments section. I'd love to hear your thoughts no matter how impractical or irrational they may be.

And if you have a chance, go check out Pride of Detroit for the other bloggers' opinions.

Next week the topic will be best QB or all time hosted by our own SB Nation Colts blogger BigBlueShoe over at his website, Stampede Blue. Try to guess who I'm choosing.