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Did I mention cheerleaders?

I did, didn't I?

Well FHM beat me to it. Please go vote here for our Redskins rep, Anabel de la Cerna. There are some very beautiful women on this list, so I'll understand if you feel a bit conflicted.

To help you get over your moral conundrum, try visiting Anabel's bio at

You should be able to find all the sizzling information needed to cast your team supportive vote for Anabel. For instance, did you know her favorite book is "Freakonomics"? Either she likes to get freaky or, alternatively, she appreciates the unique application of general economic theories to diverse topics otherwise unaddressed by conventional economic theorists. Is that hot or what? (maybe not)

In any event, get over to FHM and show your team support. At the very least, head over there so you can get a glimpse of the dog-faced cheerleader the Bengals are trying to sell. Yikes.