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Welcome to the Hogs Haven

Welcome to the grand (it feels grand) opening of the SB Nation Washington Redskins fanblog. Consider this your new one-stop-shop for all things Redskins. I will be updating the main site voraciously with news, analysis, and pretty much anything else Redskins related.

What you can expect from this site:

News -- Expect frequent Redskins related league happenings. Injury updates, trade news, cuts, signings, Joe Gibbs sneezes, anything. If it happened in the world and I think it even remotely affects the Washington Redskins, you'll hear about it. Also there might be pictures of cheerleaders. Because that is really important.

Analysis -- If you are here I already know that you are more than just a casual fan of the game. I'll be diving head first into in depth Redskins analysis. I'm an admitted stat-nerd. I'll be evaluating the Redskins preformance in ways you didn't think existed. There will be statistical analysis of statistical analyses. I might even invent a word or two. We'll also be examining what the talking heads are saying about the Redskins. Did Generic Overpaid Sportswriter impugn the dignity of my Washington Redskins? We'll explain why they are wrong. Did his Generic Overpaid Colleague finally come around and realize that the Redskins are, in fact, the real deal? We'll praise their intellectual honesty and football clairvoyance.

Community -- This is not a one man show. There is absolutely no good reason why any person should enjoy the Redskins by their lonesome, particularly since they are the most valuable franchise in the entire NFL. I want to build an internet community of Redskins fans from around the world to discuss and dissect everything 'Skins related. To that end I'd love to get your input either in the comments section or the diaries section (note link on right side of page). Let me know why you cannot get enough Redskins. Tell me about your favorite Redskins player, play, or fan related moment. Complain to me about how much you hate radishes; really, I'd love to know. More importantly, ask me why there aren't more pictures of cheerleaders.

I think that pretty much covers it; welcome to Hogs Haven. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

PS: Ahhhh, the website name. For those unforunate few of you unfamiliar with The Hogs and what they represent: The Hogs appellation has its origins from former and current Redskins Offensive Line Coach Joe Bugel, who is credited with creating the moniker describing the mythically awesome Washington Redskins offensive line that carried the team to three Super Bowl Championships in the late 80s and early 90s. Hogs is thus an appeal to historic Redskins myth that we all deep down appreciate and love. Also, seeing as how I am trying to create a fan based community, a sanctuary, a den... a haven if you will, the name comes naturally.

So please, make yourself comfortable and bask in the rhapsodic comfort of being a proud supporter of your Washington Redskins. Cheers.