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Officially welcome back Ladell Betts

Update [2006-12-8 17:13:4 by Skin Patrol]: And the terms: Five year extension worth 11 million, 3.5 million of it in signing bonuses and 2 million of it in a 2007 roster bonus (which he will get). I might have this wrong, but I think that means he makes around 1.1 million a year (probably with a tail end increase likely), around 700,000 in signing bonus per year (which is very manageable). I think the roster bonus is a one time hit in 2007, which is substantial. I don't have a strong opinion on the deal yet, because I haven't had time to think it through. Still, we're happy to have Betts signed for what should be the rest of his career. Hail to a career Redskin.

Update [2006-12-8 15:21:7 by Skin Patrol]: And it is official. Money quote from Coach Gibbs:

I think [testing free agency] is something he could have done and I appreciate that he didn't. Ladell knows how important he is, how he fits in here and what his role is. I think he likes being here. He likes Washington and he likes the fan base, and I think that was part of the reason we were able to get this done.Ladell is a guy, with his production, we feel like he's a Redskin. He's our kind of guy. It's something where we don't have to worry about him going into the offseason.
Update [2006-12-8 15:11:13 by Skin Patrol]: Jack Kogood at AOL Sports Blog had a post about Betts shortly before the news came out... almost like they predicted it. Also I forgot to note that Lee Gibbons posted the news before I did. Curse his quick fingers!

Per the Washington Post, Ladell Betts has signed a contract extension with the Redskins. Contract details were not disclosed, but it is a multi year deal so this is not a temporary fix.

Hogs Haven profusely congratulates Ladell Betts on the contract, though we will withhold a firmer endorsement until those terms are disclosed. I am happy that Betts is back as he's proven himself indispensable in CP's absence. Ladell Betts is an extremely reliable backup to insure against injury and is an above average pass catcher making him useful in 3rd and long situations. Though he could probably be starting elsewhere, Betts has definitely carved out a niche for himself here in Washington.

My initial criticism of this deal is how absolutely stupid it makes the -- already boneheaded -- TJ Duckett deal. We expended a third round draft pick just so we could have (and not use) Duckett for exactly one year. The Redskins will not be capable of signing Duckett anymore nor should they. I wish him the best after this season as he has been a total professional throughout this entire debacle, and it's unfortunate that us fans never had an opportunity to see what he could do as a Redskin. I wish the coaching staff would have given a serious effort towards letting him play and wonder about the personnel strategy that trades for players it never intends to use.

Just for diversity-of-ideas sake, here is Lee Gibbons' take from yesterday. He felt that keeping Betts was a bad decision:

Running back is the one position in football where you can always find a guy who can produce. Guys like Maurice Jones-Drew, Jerious Norwood, Michael Turner and Mike Bell are always popping out of nowhere and putting up solid numbers. Current Redskin Rock Cartwright has proven he can do a decent job when he get a chance at running back, so why not take the money earmarked for Betts and spend it on a `need' position?
I appreciate this argument, especially given that we've been discussing cap related issues here all week. Still, without knowing the details of the contract there isn't any way to evaluate what this cost the franchise. Furthermore, though RBs pop up on any given year seemingly out of nowhere, often times they are busts and a team is much better off with a proven, reliable backup than merely hoping that the scrub they insert into the system thrives. Also, Betts fits a particular role even as a backup and I can see this team turning more towards a Running Back By Committee approach. I think this was probably discussed in negotiations with Betts' agent, though I have no source for that.

In any event, welcome back to the team Ladell.