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Eagles @ Redskins Sunday 1:00PM Eastern

Update [2006-12-8 15:23:36 by Skin Patrol]: Here is BGN's Five Questions with Curly R. Also a great read and worth checking out.

We're in full blown moral victory mode as we try and ruin the playoff hopes of the Eagles this Sunday. Make no mistake about it, the Iggles are currently 6th in the NFC and a loss to the Redskins would make it very difficult for them to keep that spot. Their playoff hopes, to some degree, are in our hands. Let's crush them.

Curly R's Five Questions with Bleeding Green Nation was brilliant, as always:

Curly R: Why are Philly fans so notoriously boorish and disorderly?

BGN: This is a question that there's 500 answers for and has been debated every which way... There's no one answer. It's a tough town with tough people that haven't been given a whole lot of championships.

Remember that some idiot Eagles fan stole Ben's hat. Hogs Haven remains confident that Karma came back to haunt that fan, now named Assbag Dicklefingers, probably in the form of severe and irreversible diarrhea.

Moving on. The game is at 1:00PM Eastern this Sunday. As always, you can listen to the game here for free. I warn you though, because Sonny and Sam might have lost us the game last week. Oh well.

Redskins Injury Report: Khary Campbell and Kenny Wright are both questionable. Everyone else is probable and should play. Troy Vincent should return to action this week as well.

Eagles Injury Report: Starting Defensive End Darren Howard is questionable, as is backup CB Roderick Hood. A good number of others (including Brian Westbrook) are probable. Let's attack the injured side of the line.

My prediction is: REDSKINS WIN! Because I'm a shameless homer. And it's the Eagles. Post your own predictions below.

Make sure to head over to my colleague Jason's Bleeding Green Nation and tell him what you think of the upcoming game. Perhaps I'll do some cross blogging over there. Who knows.

BIG DEVELOPMENTS: Per unsubstantiated rumor, Ladell Betts has resigned. Also (hat tip: Redskins Insider) Thomas Boswell gets Joe Gibbs to acknowledge the possibility that this team needs a GM. Both those developments deserve their own post which is pending later today/this evening.

Everyone have a safe and happy weekend and boo those damn Eagles. HTTR.