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Without an aggregator, I wouldn't even know the Washington Times existed!

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Dan Steinberg, of DC Sports Bog Fame is typically one of the first reads of my uneventful morning. His daily feature -- "What You Need To Know" -- quite literally determines what I know in the morning. He's an aggregatorus maximus of the highest caliber (notice the non-British spelling).

The Washingotn Times is nearly impossible to sift through because they don't separate Redskins news from other sports related news. Without Dan Steinberg sifting through it for me, I'd be helpless in finding relevant Redskins-related info at the Times. To contrast, the Washington Post has neat graphics and it's very own Redskins section. Superb!

Speaking of The Post, they've currently got about the scariest picture (of Andre Carter) that I've ever seen. He looks like he's about to eat my children. His demonic stare would make Pol Pot piss his pants profusely. Looking at that picture I'm regretful for any and all disparaging comments I've made towards Andre Carter. I could mask my newfound respect for the man-monster by saying how impressed I was by his Sunday performance; but really it's because I'm scared shitless. From now on, harsh words for Carter will not find their way easily to the front page of Hogs Haven.

Anyways, some news:

All Andre Carter had to do to find his groove was loosen up. Can't you tell? The afflicted Redskins have "lost 44 man-games to injury this season" though the NFL doesn't apparently recognize "man-games". Joe Gibbs reserves his biggest praise for Jason Campbell after his "Learning Experience". Says Gibbs: "He was great" (or his confidence was, anyways). Neither Al Saunders nor Ryan O'Halloran regret the play calling this Sunday, and neither do I. Last I checked, defensive plays weren't designed to give up 69 yard touchdown runs. Also, when you're down by 10 you probably should pass a bit more than run, which is precisely what the Redskins did. Joe Gibbs will be with the team in 2007 or so he says. And finally, former Redskin Lavar Arrington is on the "tentative witness list" for a Congressional Hearing regarding the NFLPA's arbitration process. I don't have any idea what implications this has for the Redskins. Yet.

Given that poor performance, let's just hope Dan Steinberg returns posthaste.