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Brandon Lloydgate et. all

As many of you know, Brandon Lloyd picked up an unhelpful 15 yard Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty at the end of the 2nd to last drive in the Atlanta Falcons game. Lloyd decided he'd had enough of the ground's shit and made the point with his helmet. The refs were not pleased.

I don't want to speculate as to what effect this had on our team, but really I'm lying because I will do just that. Due to a Rock Cartwright blocked punt with over 2 minutes remaining the game, the Redskins were within 15 yards of scoring at 1:36. This was enough time to kick an unlikely onside kick, drive the field, and pickup a field goal. So perhaps it wasn't just a boneheaded but inconsequential frustration penalty.

From the looks of it, Joe Gibbs didn't think much of the penalty either (hat tip: DC Sports Bog).

Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs held a closed-door meeting yesterday with wide receiver Brandon Lloyd and said the results of a second meeting that is likely to be held today could determine whether Lloyd is active for Sunday's home game against Philadelphia.

It is unclear exactly what events prompted the meeting, but Redskins sources said a series of incidents over the season have caught Gibbs's attention.

Specifically mentioned is the incident from this Sunday, which also kept Brandon Lloyd from participating in the final drive of the game. That your #2 wide receiver isn't on the field when you need him most, with time desperately ticking away, is symbolic. You might also remember Lloyd having a sideline malfunction in our game against Indy, where he had to be calmed down by ARE.

And now he might not be playing Saturday. Who knows where this situation goes, as it is all contingent on Brandon Lloyd taking the penalty well. If he doesn't (which I do not predict he will) then this could turn into a distraction. As if being 4 games south of .500 wasn't distracting enough...

The truly frustrating thing about this is that San Fransisco fans know this side of Brandon Lloyd all too well. The guy is super competetive, can make acrobatic catches, but had a reputation for being a locker room distraction. 4-8 teams don't need that.

Speaking of San Fransisco they're, like, still in playoff contention.

Returning to Lloyd, here's Jason's quick take on the situation. He reminds us that Derrick Frost didn't get a meeting with Coach when he made the same boneheaded decision against Indy. And here's Jack Kogood's take

I'll keep you updated on Lloydgate. Inoperative news item of the day: Ethan Albright is not going to kill John Madden for rating him 53 -- the lowest in game -- in Madden 2006. Many of you remember this hilarious spoof. And although Ethan Albright does manage to laugh off the rating and spoof ("I laughed my butt off.") he does take an indirect shot at all those Madden playing dead beat dads out there: "When I'm at home I have four little ones," he says of his children, ages 7, 5, 3 and 1. "I'm busy trying to help raise them."

Sir. I will have you know that, though I did not have the pleasure of being raised by a level 53 Long Snapper, I did progress quite successfully through my childhood with few role models outside of Mario and Luigi. And, as a level 71 Internets Blogger, I feel like I've turned out just fine thank you very much.

By the way we need to resign Albright pronto.

Joe Gibbs ain't going nowhere:

"I plan on going forward and being the coach here," said Gibbs, a Hall of Famer who stunned the NFL nearly three years ago by ending his retirement and accepting a five-year, $25 million contract with the Redskins. "I've made a commitment. I have a passion for trying to do this. I want to try to fix it. As long as I feel like this is where I'm supposed to be, I'm going to be here."
That's good. I was worried that this front office might try and have the same failing knee-jerk reaction to a lost season they have in the past, and pushed Joe Gibbs out of town. Building a winning franchise takes time; one fluke season is not evidence of sustainable success. I have absolute confidence that Gibbs can turn this into a winning program that lasts. It just takes a bit more time than we'd all like.

By the way, CP just got out of surgery and is doing "well." Great news.

Did I miss anything?