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Open Gameday Thread: Falcons @ Redskins 1:00PM Eastern

My attempt to corner the Saturday market failed miserably. That guy Ben bested me, as always, with a killer Saturday post. Curse that guy.

In any event, this is your open gameday thread for the Redskins/Falcons game. Post all your comments, predicions, and recipes below.

Hogs Haven predicts a Redskins victory.

Previews: NFL, Curly R, Official Site, Redskin Report. Where is everybody?

Update [2006-12-3 12:52:24 by Skin Patrol]: Dave the Falconer has his gameday open thread up and, let me just say, it kicks the hell out of this piece. He has fancy graphics, weather report, and "fun facts". I'm dripping with Blogger envy.