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Santana Moss threatens to strangle Jason Campbell

Just a few days after threatening to kidnap him. Jason Campbell is terrified of Moss, but not really. From

"All of that comes with time and trust," Campbell said. "I trust my receivers, but as a quarterback when you're just starting out, you tend to wait a little bit because you want to make sure."

Said Moss: "Next year we shouldn't have to go backward. I was laughing about it with Jason. I said, 'I'm glad we're going through all the bumps and bruises now with you because next year I'll strangle you if we go through this stuff.'"

The article itself isn't terribly informed as it asserts that if Jason Campbell plays well in 2007 "the biggest problem in Washington would be solved". Except not, the biggest problem in Washington is the Defense.

But I do want to highlight the article because, at 5-10, we may not feel that there is much to be thankful for as Redskins fans. But we do have a young, developing QB playing in an offense that finally established its identity at the end of our disappointing season. An offseason worth of work correcting timing issues will do wonders on the productivity of this unit which simply has too much talent not to be challenging top 5 annually. The future looks bright, offensively.

"It's a huge responsibility to find a guy who can play that spot," said Gibbs, who won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks in his first stint. "It sure would be nice if Jason can take that thing and play for us for 10 years."
It sure would.