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Redskins host the Giants this Saturday

Everyone will be watching. The Giants will be playing for their God-given right to a postseason despite an, at best, .500 record. Gooooooooo NFC!

Hogs Haven aside: Six wins was a reasonable requirement for Bowl qualification in College Football under an 11 win schedule because it assured only winning teams get to participate. When you change the amount of games in the season, it also makes sense to up the requirements on Bowl participation. 6-6 teams do not deserve to play in Bowls. It is an insult to the teams that do manage to best over half their opponents and should be insulting to the teams participating as it rewards them for mediocrity.

The Redskins will be playing to hurt the Giants which is a perfectly acceptable motivation as far as I'm concerned. Spite is just as arbitrary a goal as finishing the season with 6 wins.

The Giants have lost 6 of the last 7 and are in tailspin mode. Coughlin might be gone. Their GM is gone at the end of the year (need a job?). Eli Manning is not very good. Yet somehow this team stomped the hell out of us in Week 5, limiting us to 3 points.

I believe Khary Campbell was the only person to miss practice yesterday but Jon Jansen and Casey Rabach are still both listed as probable on the injury report. Campbell is questionable ( coverage! ZING!)

Update [2006-12-29 16:42:29 by Skin Patrol]: Khary Campbell was placed on Injured Reserve

Giants Injury Report. The only missing starter is Jeremy Shockey who will be out with an ankle injury.

The Giants are weakest against the pass at 28th in the league (we're 29th). I'd love to see Ladell Betts score another 100 yard game, but I'll be watching Jason Campbell more than anyone else. My sights are firmly set on the future of this franchise, and he is it.

Redskins 24 (on 8 field goals! We can't get in the redzone) Giants 20. Post your own predictions below.