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Because I'm too hungover to produce original content.

The Curly R went off today, shaming me as a hack of a Redskins blogger. First he's on top of our new French Linebacker.

Hogs Haven aside: Ben cues the retreating jokes and we all like to have a good laugh over the recently inept French military, but as I was having that same laugh with my brother and (former Marine Lieutenent and incredibly well read War History buff) father over precisely this topic, my Vietnam Veteran dad reminded me that our own Military Lexicon is dominated by French words because France formerly had some of the greatest military minds in human history. Just saying.

Ben also covers the real life struggles of Reed Doughty's son as the infant battles with kidney failure. Best wishes to the Doughtys and especially their child, Micah Doughty, through the entire episode. Although I do not remember the happening, I was born premature and I'm sure it was an unpleasant experience. Get well soon Micah.

Update [2006-12-29 12:1:54 by Skin Patrol]: From the Washington Post:

Rookie safety Reed Doughty, whose son, Micah, was born premature and is battling chronic kidney failure, said that further testing this week went well and that dialysis was put off for at least another month. "It was good news," Doughty said. "Hopefully, he'll keep doing well and we can keep pushing it back by a month."

And finally Ben makes some post about something or other that is probably related to football (maybe the Eagles?) but I wouldn't know because of the hot-hot-hot picture on top. Go do yourself a favor.

Lee Gibbons FYI for the Giants game. I have not done a very good job of posting analysis for that game and will try and remedy that later today, if/when my head clears. Leaning (literally) towards if.

Jason La Canfora touches briefly on the fate of some former Redskins. Rod Gardner among them.

Master4Caster reminds that things haven't gone to plan for Washington. Washington in last? Philly in first? This isn't what I predicted, either.

Jack Kogod starts the impending Adam Archuleta speaks discussion. Teaser: "Gregg Williams has his head up his ass." Go check it out, as I'll be trying to cover the looming disaster of that debacle.

Melinda Waldrop's looking at the Redskins Final Task which is to beat the Giants... or is it? (It is, I root for wins not Denver's draft position.)

Rich Tandler has an important post about the terrifying possibility that some Redskins players may not "enable" anymore front office spending shenanigans by refusing to restructure. What a total shitstorm that would be.

Let me know what I missed.