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Did someone lie to Adam Archuleta?

Update [2006-12-28 17:46:13 by Skin Patrol]: Same story different source from AP here. All juicy Adam Archuleta quotes:

"Do I deserve and explanation?" Archuleta said. "I don't know if an explanation matters anymore because what's done is done. I pretty much know what's going on. I pretty much know what it all stems from." Archuleta wouldn't go into detail, but he indicated the coaches have not been upfront in their dealings with him. "I'm a grown man. I don't like getting lied to," Archuleta said. "All people want is for people to be straight up with them. I don't mind bad news. I don't mind negativity. I don't mind if somebody says to my face what my flaws are and what I'm doing wrong and what kind of person they think I am. "I welcome those kind of things because an honest assessment is all anybody wants in this business. I don't need someone to sit here and tell me how great I am: 'I'm doing good, just keep working hard.' I don't need that. I need real stuff. That's the only way I can make an evaluation as to who I am as a player."


Well, I doubt that if any of the coaches had told him back in March that they were paying him to be a special teams only guy he would've said "Hell yea!"

Really I don't know, and my only source is Covering the Redskins. Ignore for a moment the spelling errors. Often times what this guy says are confirmed post facto by a media outlet. Here goes:

S Adam Archuletta speaks.. He said (which I don't have on tape as it happened as I was making my way to his on and off group session) was that he didn't appreciate being lied to.. Exactly what he means by that will come forward in the coming days/weeks.. Archuletta said he would discuss his future when "the time is appropriate." Asked if he was told he would play a different position when he signed then he ultimately was asked to play, Archuletta laughed and said it was not the time to go into any of those subjects.. he also wouldn't commit to his future here saying he has thought about every aspect of his life over the last 6 months and it will "be a fun process learning from the experience."
I don't know what any of this means just yet but I felt readers might like to know. My personal opinion is that Adam Archuleta will not be with this team next year, as we aren't going to pay him his ever-increasing salary just to play special teams.

But we will see. Post your own thoughts below.