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Redskins Offseason Needs

Hat tip to an Extreme Skins reader who found this comprehensive look at the Redskins offseason needs, going position by position. From the article:

QUARTERBACK:... The lingering question is whether Brunell is willing to renegotiate his contract again and return as a 37-year-old backup.
And in the event he doesn't he will be cut. The team absolutely cannot pay its backup QB 6.7 million in 2007. I hope he remains with the team, though that is a decision that will ultimately be made by Mark Brunell.
RUNNING BACKS:...Expect T.J. Duckett (35 carries) to opt out of his contract, yet another example of the Redskins wasting a draft pick in a trade.
TJ Duckett is gone. Even with Clinton Portis on Injured Reserve he hasn't seen the amount of carries he'd want. No doubt TJ is ready to test the Free Agent market and see if he can end up someplace he'll actually be used.
RECEIVERS: Santana Moss really needs some help. Of course, that
was the case last offseason, when the Redskins spent tons of money on Lloyd and Antwaan Randle El. Lloyd has attitude issues and only 23 catches, and he lost his starting job three weeks ago -- he could very well hit the road if the Redskins can find a way to afford the salary cap hit.
I truly hope we keep Brandon Lloyd. I know his production has not been great and his attitude might suck, but I don't view any of that as unfixable. This team has a huge number of needs, particularly on defense, and I don't think we can afford to cut him. Furthermore I don't think we need to. Brandon Lloyd and Antwaan Randle-El are still competent complements to Santana Moss even if the numbers don't (yet) back that up. An offseason of work with a reliable QB who is willing to throw deep to his receivers will fix that. Lloyd and Randle-El never got a chance with Mark Brunell because he doesn't throw to any receiver not-named Santana Moss. They didn't get a chance with JC because he's operating in an offense that Al Saunders has admittedly scaled back for our young QB. We can fix this in the offseason with coaching and practice, and I view our other positional needs as more pressing than receiver.
OFFENSIVE LINE: The Dirtbags have quietly had a good year, anchoring a rushing attack that ranks fourth in the NFL while allowing only 18 sacks. But four of the five starters will be in their 30s next year, and the fifth, G Derrick Dockery, is an impending free agent. The team needs to develop some young linemen, but that's hard to do with so few draft picks.
Keeping Dockery is crucial as the Offensive Line is best served on a consistent basis. We lack depth at this position though Todd Wade has been reliable. Dockery won't be cheap, but he has indicated that he wants to remain a Redskin and we will likely be able to pay him slightly below market. I want to caution paying a reasonable amount and I strongly wish this team would be proactive in changing the way they sign players. Currently we load up salaries with large guaranteed signing bonuses because we attach ludicrous (and unpayable) tail-end salaries on their contract. Guaranteed bonuses limit the flexibility of a team in renegotiating contracts because the player knows the team won't take a huge X million dead space hit to cut the player. Reasonable salaries with reasonable signing bonuses is a better way to go in the long-term, in my opinion. Chris Samuels has offered to restructure in order for the team to sign Derrick Dockery.
DEFENSIVE LINE:...DEs Phillip Daniels and Renaldo Wynn and DTs Cornelius Griffin and Joe Salave'a are all showing their age. DT Cedric Golston is a keeper, and maybe fellow rookie DT Anthony Montgomery is, too, but the Redskins desperately need a run-stopping playmaker on the front four.
I think our bigger need is in pass rushing, not run stopping (though we haven't been great at that either). I view the D-Line as one of our biggest needs right behind secondary. Demetric Evans is also a capable DE, depth-wise. Renaldo Wynn will likely have to take a pay cut to remain a Redskin, though I think exactly one draft pick can cover our 2007 DL needs.
LINEBACKER: MLB Lemar Marshall has regressed, leaving the middle of the defense vulnerable and in need of an upgrade. Rookie Rocky McIntosh, who made his first start Sunday, should take over for Warrick Holdman on the weakside next season, and Marcus Washington is expected to return on the strongside.
I've spoken with some fans that are worried about Lemar Marshall as our ILB. As am I. Still, I think there are more pressing needs then this unit which is instantly better as soon as Rocky McIntosh starts (and Marcus Washington returns). I wonder how much of our troubles at ILB are the result of personnel deficiencies elsewhere as Marshall was reliable as recently as 2005.
SECONDARY:...Neither Adam Archuleta (huge free agent mistake), Troy Vincent nor Vernon Fox could replace departed S Ryan Clark. Oft-injured CB Shawn Springs played in only eight games, and CBs Carlos Rogers, Kenny Wright, Mike Rumph and Ade Jimoh were consistent liabilities. The Redskins would probably replace everyone but Taylor if they could. If they follow past form, they'll overpay for free agent CB Nate Clements (Buffalo). Gibbs,said Tuesday that Springs, 31, could move to safety.
No easy fixes here. A Free Agent signing might be necessary given that Shawn Springs might be asked to renegotiate his contract or shown the door. This secondary sans-Springs cannot be competetive in the NFL. If the Redskins go after a big FA I hope they don't overpay, though they will anyways. Moving Shawn Springs to safety opposite Taylor could work, but then again he might never play anyways due to injury. New blood will have to be brought in, at least one new starter (perhaps two), and whether that is dealt with in FA or the draft or both will be something Hogs Haven keeps tabs on closely.
COACHES: Gibbs has said assistants Al Saunders (offense) and Gregg Williams (defense) will return.
SPECIAL TEAMS: Better than the offense or defense this year, especially with the midseason addition of K Shaun Suisham (8-for-9 on FGs). P Derrick Frost has improved. "I haven't had special teams play any better than this," Gibbs said.
Ending on a positive! This team has been blocking kicks, returning well, and kicking well in recent weeks. Suisham is your kicker (and we love him) and Derrick Frost looks every bit like the competetive punter I said he wasn't at the beginning of the season. I'm pleased to be so wrong. This unit is miles ahead of either the offense or the defense, and ST Coach Danny Smith deserves enormous credit for turning this into a top notch unit.

Post your own thoughts below.