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Santana Moss is trying to kidnap Jason Campbell

JC had this to say from today's Richmond Times-Dispatch Redskins Notes:

One thing he wants to do is work on his timing with the receivers, especially Santana Moss.

Moss is interested in that as well.

"Santana already told me he's going to kidnap me this offseason," Campbell said. "I'll probably go to Miami a little bit to try and throw with him. Most of the time, I'll be here. A lot of other guys live around the area and do some things together."

Thrilled by the prospect. Santana Moss is, without a doubt, the most talented receiving target we have on this football team. His production this year has decreased by matters of degree (from nearly 1500 yards receiving to under 700, currently) and although some of that is due to injury, much of it probably has to do with a change in the offense and a slowly building relationship with Jason Campbell. Practice makes perfect and the more time these two spend together the better it will be for Redskins fans in 2007. Let it be known that Hogs Haven now encourage Santana Moss to physically detain JC in Miami.

Will they be joined by a struggling Carlos Rogers? Nah, from Covering the Redskins:

Carlos Rogers said he might join Campbell and Moss for training sessions, but also said he has been invited to work out with Darrell Green and Deion Sanders and expects to take them up on their offer.. Asked if the team should find a way to being Shawn Springs back, Rogers paused and said "He's a guy who is about to be paid a lot of money and only played a few games this year. If they restructure that would be great, if they don't we'll have to work in the new guy."
Darrell Green will never stop giving to this team. What should interest the most from above is that Carlos Rogers is talking about Shawn Springs contract in the same way we have here at Hogs Haven. Shawn Springs will be paid over 7+ mil in 2007 if he does not restructure, and that simply doesn't make sense if he cannot play 14+ games (which he cannot). That "new guy" will have to be a FA or a draft pick as Carlos Rogers is not yet ready to be the starter and, even if we put him in that role, we'll need to add someone else in the secondary.

Injury Notes: Troy Vincent and backup LB Khary Campbell missed practice yesterday per the Times Dispatch article.