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Shawn Springs on IR

Springs broke his scapula (sometimes called shoulder blade) early in the Rams game and was just placed on Injured Reserve. He played in 9 games but only started in 8 this year. In 2006 we paid a 31 year old Shawn Springs around 400,000 dollars per start. If we expect similar contribution from Springs in 2007 (which we shouldn't, because he'll be a year older), it will cost us over 900,000 per start.

Also from the article: Mike Rumph was released. Now it is official, Taylor Jacobs was useless when he played for us in Washington, and he was useless when we traded him to the 49ers for Rumph.

John Eubanks and Leigh Torrance will replace the two. Jason La Canfora has a small piece on the latter here.